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Customers notification about the changes in trading conditions Admiral.Standard

June 07, 2011 10:15

Dear Traders,

We are delighted to inform you that starting July 3rd 2011 the trading conditions of «Admiral.Standard» accounts will be updated. We are implementing these changes in order to make your Admiral experience even more profitable and convenient.

Please refer to the «Admiral.Standard» main terms and conditions table below:



Minimum Deposit: $500

Balance up to $5,000 - leverage 1:200
Balance up to $100,000 - 1:100, by default

Minimum order size:
Forex, Gold, Futures CFD - 0.1 lots (Step – 0.1)
Silver - 1 lots (Step – 1)
Indices - 1.0 CFD (Step – 1.0)
Stocks - 500 CFD (Step – 500.0)

Minimum Deposit: $10 or €10

Leverage: automatically adjusted*
Balance up to $2,000 – leverage up to 1:500
Balance up to $5,000 – leverage up to 1:200
Balance up to $100,000 – up to 1:100

Minimum order size:
Forex, Gold, Futures CFD - 0.01 lots (Step – 0.01)
Silver - 0.1 lots (Step – 0.1)
Indices - 1.0 CFD (Step – 1.0)
Stocks - 500 CFD (Step – 500.0)

* Depending on current account balance, the maximum available leverage rate may be manually lowered by the Client to values such as 1:200, 1:100 or 1:50.
* The maximum available leverage rate will automatically decrease when the Clients account balance exceeds the key balance value levels presented above.
* Backwards leverage change to higher rates will not be done automatically when a Clients balance decreases, however the leverage may be increased manually by Client.

Please note that in the new version of «Admiral.Standard» accounts your leverage will be automatically regulated based on the amount of your deposit. The automatic regulation will take place:

  1. When some of your positions will be closed
  2. During any of non-trading transactions in account such as deposit or withdrawal

By reducing the minimum order size on each trade,you will be able to implement significantly more efficient and advanced trading strategies. Moreover, a maximum leverage of 1:500 will be available on all «Admiral.Standard» accounts with balances under $2,000. For balances between $2,000 and $5,000 leverage will be automatically set to 1:200 ratio, and for balances of $5,000 to $100,000 maximum leverage will be set to 1:100. Regardless of automatic leverage changes to lower ratios, Client

The change leverage ratio will only affect the margin amount needed to open a trading position. The greater leverage will allow you to use your funds more efficiently, meaning you would be able to open more orders with the same free margin. The changes in the leverage ratio will not affect any of other parameters related to positions such as floating profit/loss or the pip value. As before, you will be able to control your trading scope and risk/reward ratios in different market conditions, by choosing the most appropriate amount of orders as well as their volume (in lots).

We invite you to try the new version of «Admiral.Standard», where you can explore our new automatically regulated leverage system by opening the demo-account today. You can download the MetaTrader 4 through our website and can be trading in just minutes. When opening a new demo-account please select «AutLeverage» as account type to enjoy automatically regulated leverage.

NB!Due to the changes in trading conditions for «Admiral.Standard» accounts, as of June3rd2011 Admiral Market AS will no longer support «Admiral.Micro» trading accounts. On June the 3rd 2011 all «Admiral.Micro» accounts will be automatically converted into «Admiral.Standard» accounts. Although you don’t need to take any actions through the conversion process, we kindly suggest you take these changes into account when planning your future trading strategies, as well as when setting up money management modules of any expert advisors used in your trading account.

We wish you successful trading and many happy moments with your new «Admiral.Standard» account!

Kind Regards,
Admiral Markets AS