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Interviews with Winners - Oceania division: Round 2

July 24, 2012 10:54

Congrats to the winners! Lets hear their story:

Name: John
Profession: Office Manager
Trading experience: several years of Forex trading

"As a financial manager, I have a natural interst in finance. And through my engineering degree I acquired the necessary skills in mathematics and analysis. That's how I came to trading. Forex trading is complex, so no-one can jsut start trading like that - you need a basic concept of the markets and trading. The Forexball competition taught me some lessons as well! I loved the challenge, and the setup with a two-weeks round and hourly result updates is great. The fact that a round lasts two weeks means that a long term strategy doesn't apply - to perform well, you have to take a risk at a reasonable time.



Name: Todd MacDonald
Profession: Tax investigator
Trading experience: 3 years of stock trading, 2 years of Forex trading

"My interst in trading started right with university, as I have a commerce degree. For me a good trader must be reasonably able to handle losses - and must be able to learn quickly from their mistakes. Reading books and starting with a demo trading account is a good preparation and helps to build the necessary expertise. The Forexball definitely is the best competition I've ever tried! It's the closes to real trading, and I loved the competitive aspect of it."

See you all in the upcoming Forexball competitions!

Cheers, and Good Luck!!

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.