Introducing Broker account

IB program is a perfect opportunity agent to bring in new clients and earn profits from the commissions on their day-to-day trading activity. Every individual or organization can benefit in the long term from creating an IB account. We encourage you to discover new business opportunities with our Introducing Broker Partnership.

The main benefit of this program is the provision of the services that are useful for both you and your clients. While the traders you refer are treated in the best possible way, you will receive highly competitive payouts and amazing promotional tools.

How does this program work?

  • Sign up for an IB Partnership at Admiral Markets website and receive your account.
  • Become an ambassador of Admiral Markets brand and promote the benefits of our service, invite your customers to register an account at Admiral Markets and begin their trading activities.
  • Start getting IB commissions

Benefits offered to IBs:

Dynamic, competitive and fair payment program

You are free to choose the most suitable commission scheme. The rule of thumb - the larger your business is, the higher the reward you get.

Adjustable and clear payment process

We offer a wide range of payment systems. Choose one to withdraw earned commissions in the fastest way with the lowest fees possible.

Our support will answer your questions in your native language

The team of our experts is always eager to help you sort out your problems.

Partner's Room is available any time, any day

All data is securely stored. Access your personal credentials, payable commissions, trading results and earnings updates anytime.

Promotional instruments

With Admiral Markets, you’ve got every possible tool at your disposal. Choose from a wide range of multilingual materials - mailing templates, display ads, widgets, leaflets and many more. Admiral Markets Partner's Room - everything at your fingertips.

State-of-the-art reports and metrics

Optimising your marketing efforts with Admiral Markets is easy as never before. Access our Partner's Room to get powerful reporting and statistics to measure your efforts.

For individuals:

  • Financial consultants
  • Stock market brokers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Accountants
  • Financial market traders with the focus on FX and CFDs
  • Anyone with experience in the financial services industry

Legal entities:

  • Banks
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real estate companies
  • Accounting companies
  • Derivative trading houses or brokers
  • Any company working in the financial services industry

Introducing Broker program FAQ:

Right after the registration, you will get a unique URL-address that you have to send to your customers. This will allow us to allocate the people who follow this specific link to your account. The other ways are as follows:

  • Give your clients your IB Account number and ask them to fill in the corresponding field to tie their accounts to yours; or
  • Mail us the names of your clients and we will connect their accounts to your IB Account.

  • Right after you introduce your client to Admiral Markets, we start transferring the IB fee to your IB Account. The amount of these transfers depends on the number of clients you have and the intensity of their trading activity. The size of the commission is subject to your preference: it can be a percentage from the spread value, pips per lot or a certain amount of USD per lot.
  • All calculations on your IB fee are available in your Trader's Room. You look at the statistics of your clients and follow the calculations of your payouts in live mode.

You can withdraw your IB fee from your IB Account at any time. Additionally, Admiral Markets can send the money from your IB fee to your bank account on a monthly basis.

  • Every IB has his own personal Account manager who is leading him through all the obstacles on the way to becoming a professional Introducing Broker. Your account manager will guide you through developing your business. The account manager will take care of you and your customers to make sure that all your expectations are met.
  • Admiral Markets is offering a comprehensive solution to your customers - from opening accounts to executing transactions and issuing statements. Enjoy the benefits of being an Admiral Markets IB without extra obligations, responsibilities or stress.
  • Our group of professionals takes care of every possible technical issue. The task of the Introducing Broker is to simply present our services to your group of customers. Once the clients join Admiral Markets and start trading, you gain profits from their trading activity.
  • With IB reporting tools, you can get all the data you need - commission, trade history, client details and more.
  • Introducing Broker Partnership is an opportunity to use our wide choice of content-sharing programs and marketing materials developed by our conversion specialists.
  • Start today and access every possible tool needed for a successful IB partnership with Admiral Markets.