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Get the most recent market updates. Enhance your trading with fundamental, technical or wave Forex market analysis.

Our primary goal is to supply our clients with the most recent and useful market updates. We write in simple language to make even the starters comfortable with the Forex trading analysis.

Forex Analytics section will let you enhance your performance with all possible types of trading analysis: fundamental, technical or wave analysis of financial markets. Our analytical section is updated on a daily basis, so you can be sure that you get the most recent market highlights. All traders will be able to find useful materials here regardless of their expertise. The importance of a solid currency market analysis cannot be underestimated in a trading community. Every day you are competing not only against the millions of traders, but also against the world's largest market. It is your responsibility to enrich your knowledge of financial markets on a constant basis. This way, you can create a qualitative advantage over other traders. Admiral Markets provides you with all the necessary resources.

This section contains the most recent and relevant Forex market analysis. The section is divided into seven subsections: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Wave Analysis, Forex Calendar, Autochartist, Market Heat Map and Market Sentiment. Each of these subsections is here to open up a certain type of analysis or a useful trading tool that you may or may not include in your trading strategy.

Discover the markets of metals, indices and shares with Admiral Markets. The materials posted by our authors are accessible and comprehensive. By familiarising yourself with presented materials, you will stay up-to-date with the latest analytical updates. You will understand the factors that influence the changes in the currency rates. The knowledge you obtain will let you make more rational trading decisions.

Why Admiral Markets Analytics?

Analytics is one of the most important sources for Forex traders. Fundamental and technical analyses are vital for making the most precise predictions on Forex and CFDs markets. With Admiral Markets, you can count on getting the most useful financial markets analysis. Our team of experts analyses various trading assets on a daily basis to supply you with the most useful data. This section covers the following topics: economic Forex news, fundamental and technical predictions, Elliott wave analysis.

While you are reading this short passage, dozens macroeconomic data updates are released all over the world. Many of those will be of a huge economic importance and will influence financial markets. You can easily get lost in the news stream, which makes drawing insight for your trading strategy a complex task. Therefore, Admiral Markets developed its own analytical department and has been improving it thoroughly since then. Today, we are offering the best of analytics that result in precise Forex forecasts. We filter unnecessary information and provide you only with the valuable insights.

The content presented in this section will get you on track with the latest developments in the world of currency trading. These articles do not represent direct appeal to action, they only analyse the present situation on the market. Next to the analytical reviews, Admiral Markets also supplies you with effective tools for Forex trading - Forex calendar for macroeconomic data, Market Sentiment tool for long/short positions and Market Heat Map for top movers.