Forex Calendar

The most relevant Forex live calendar is a necessary tool for every modern trader. Our calendar can give you a comprehensive list of Forex market events as well as the timetable of various holidays and days-off. Economic Forex calendar will let you keep track of economic events and predict the currency rate changes.

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Time Country Significance Event Actual Forecast Previous
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Time Country Significance Event Actual Forecast Previous
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  • Time - time the news will be announced.
  • Country - the currency affected by this announcement (all pairs with that currency will be affected).
  • Significance - the prognosed intensity of the effect the news will have on foreign exchange market.
  • Event - the name of the news event.
  • Previous - past data.
  • Forecast - prediction of the future possible outcomes.
  • Actual - outcomes of the past News event.

Possible ways of data interpretation:

  • The difference between data and forecast indicates a high probability of volatility
  • The higher the difference described above, the stronger the volatility we should expect
  • The significance indicator tells us how high volatility we should expect

The currency rate is constantly changing and it’s not possible to consider all the factors that trigger these changes. You have to choose the tools that will help you build a profitable strategy. This is where economic Forex calendar comes handy. It helps you to follow the most important economic events and predict the currency rate changes. Economic Forex calendar is a convenient tool that lets you stay updated on the important economics news.

Using the economic calendar

Unexpected and predicted economic events cause the currency rate fluctuations. These events can determine the future changes of the currency market. Keep an eye on the Forex calendar even if you are not into fundamental analysis. It’s important to follow all the news of the countries that have an influence on the currency pairs you trade.

Forex economic calendar lets you filter the events, sorting them by relevance and expected deviation from the previous result. FX calendar will let you stay abreast of economic updates. Forex trading calendar requires a preliminary review and thorough study, which will allow you to determine the news that are most important for your strategy. Positive news lead to currency rate appreciation and negative news decrease the rate. Despite the fact that the market does not react on every single event, it is still important to consider the releases in your daily trading plan.

Once you learn how to properly use economic Forex calendar, you will be aware of the key economic events in the world and their possible impact on the currency pairs. This will give you a chance to predict the currency rate and its fluctuations. Combining the economic calendar with technical and fundamental analysis is certainly a key to better trading decisions.