Technical Analysis

GOLD Bouncing Slightly Above the Support

Gold has been in a strong uptrend on the 4h timeframe, and that could mean good intraweek swings have been in development for Gold traders. At this point, the price is bouncing slightly above the POC zone 1325-1328, and as long as it stays above the POC zone, we might...

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EUR/USD Technical Uptrend Retracement Possible

The EUR/USD is still in uptrend but last couple of days we have had a whipsaw-ish price action even on higher time frames. Traders could have seen both up and down price movement without any clear direction. Lower highs and lower lows make the obvious formation on 4h time frame...

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WTI is Topping Out

The WTI is still bullish, but we could see a possible correction taking place. The WTI topped out at 64.67 W H1 and the break of an X-Cross ™ (a trendline and camarilla pivot cross) at 63.40 could target 62.82 and 61.51 and 60.74 as a part of a more...

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EUR/USD Retracement Towards POC Zones

As I explained yesterday during my Live Trading Session Recap webinar, the EURUSD was due for a retracement. And it happened exactly as planned. The pair dropped to the POC zone and we could see some profit taking now. At this point 1.2210-2220 is the zone which could spike...

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Chart Patterns After Bullish Impulse (Forex Overview 15 Jan)

The EUR/USD and GBP/USD are showing strong bullish impulsive price action but a bearish retracement is likely to occur first. The pullback will probably take place via chart pattern formations such as a flag or triangle.

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