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What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Cryptocurrencies are quickly gaining recognition as having the potential to be the most significant technological development since the internet revolution. As recently as two or three years ago, Bitcoin and the other crypto and alt currencies popping up were widely considered, at least by the economic and political establishment, to...

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What is Ripple?

Most of you are familiar with Bitcoin, but the family of cryptocurrencies extends a lot further than that. You may also have heard about, Litecoin and Ether.

Another cryptocurrency causing ripple effects throughout the digital currency market is... Ripple. Although Ripple has its own currency, its value is...

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What is Litecoin?

Is Litecoin the 'lighter' sibling of Bitcoin? Bitcoin is no doubt a more well-known cryptocurrency, but you might be surprised to learn that Litecoin was introduced more than five years ago.

Time to have a closer look at what Litecoin stands for and how it compares to Bitcoin!

This article...

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is an open software platform, based on blockchain technology, which enables developers to build and release decentralised applications. It's actually much more than a cryptocurrency, that's just one part of Ethereum's offering.

So, it's like Bitcoin then? Well, yes and no. The two share the fact that they're...

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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin in one place.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular financial instrument although not everyone understands the basics behind the digital currency.

This article promises to close the gap for everyone catching up on Bitcoin and would like to get the basic questions answered. How does Bitcoin work? How does Bitcoin...

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