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What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly popular financial instrument although not everyone understands the basics behind the digital currency.

This article promises to close the gap for everyone catching up on Bitcoin and would like to get the basic questions


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What Are Blockchain Forks?

If you've been keeping up to date with your Bitcoin news recently, you've probably heard a lot of talk about 'forks'. Here we'll explain what they mean and how they can influence their respective cryptocurrency.

What Is a Blockchain Fork?

A Blockchain 'f


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A Brief Introduction to Gold

Gold has always been respected throughout the world for its value and rich history. Compared to paper currency, coins or other assets, gold has preserved its value throughout the years and people use it as way to pass their wealth from one generation to the next.

Trade Gold

A Short


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Learn Why Forex and CFD Traders Benefit from Bollinger Bands ® on Their Charts

BB 1.png

Dear traders,

Do you have Bollinger Bands on your chart? Most traders have heard of the immensely popular Bollinger Bands, but may not know the background of the successful chart indicator.

Bollinger Bands (BB) constitute a part of Technical Analysis, but in fact, Bollin


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.