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How to save a MetaTrader 4 profile?

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How to save a profile, and make it appear by default on MetaTrader 4?

When you open your MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it is possible to keep a saved profile by default!

Keeping a group of charts according to a specific configuration is a real time saver, which is why the default features of the MT4 trading platform include the possibility to save a group of MT4 trading charts.

How to save an MT4 profile?

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • 1.Click on the "Current profile" shortcut at the bottom of your MT4 forex platform. This shortcut is named after the profile you are currently on
  • Examples: Default, British Pound, Swiss Franc, etc
  • 2.Select "Save Profile As..."
  • 3.Choose a name for the profile you want to save
  • Example: if it is a group of charts for morning trading only, you can call it "Morning session"
  • 4.Finally, click on "OK"

Once your profile has been saved, you can go back to the "Current profile" shortcut at the bottom of your MT4 forex platform to switch profile, and then get back to the recently created one in order to check that it has been correctly saved.

Tip – If you want one of your saved MT4 profiles to be displayed each time you open the trading platform, you just need to save it with the name "Default". The platform will consider this profile as the new default profile.

How to leave your profile by default on MetaTrader 4?

There is only one thing to do for this to happen:

  • Stay on the profile you want when closing the MT4 forex platform

Thus, the next time you open the MT4 forex platform, you will find your profile with your charts, and their respective configurations.

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