Admiral Markets Group由以下公司组成:

Admiral Markets Pty Ltd

  • 杠杆最高:
  • 波动保护
  • 负余额保护政策

Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd

  • 杠杆最高:
  • ICF保护
  • 负余额保护

Admiral Markets UK Ltd

  • 杠杆最高:
  • FSCS保护
  • 负余额保护
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How to update a chart on MetaTrader 4?

The first thing to do when an MT4 trading chart no longer updates is to check the connection status!

To do so, look at the bottom right of your MT4 forex platform to check if an error message such as "Connection failed" is displayed.

In such a case:

  • Either the internet connection has a problem
  • Either you have entered the wrong IDs or chosen the wrong server

So, if your internet connection works, you must reconnect:

  • Click on "File" at the top left of the MT4 forex platform
  • Select "Login to Trade Account"
  • Fill in your Admiral Markets login or account number
  • Fill in your trader's password (not the investor's one)
  • Choose the right server to connect to (you can find it in the e-mail you received after opening your account)

If the problem doesn't come from the connection, other solutions exist. Once you are logged into your MetaTrader 4 demo account, you can refresh the MT4 chart very easily!

To refresh the chart, you just need to:

  • Right-click on the chart
  • Click on "Refresh"

This refreshes the MT4 chart instantly.

If the problem persists, a last solution is possible!

Refresh the "Market Watch" window

To do so, you must:

  • Open the "Market Watch" window
  • Right-click anywhere in the window
  • Select "Show All" (all available instruments on the Admiral Markets account are displayed)
  • Right-click anywhere in the window
  • Select "Hide All"

At the end of this manipulation, the assets' prices are refreshed. Feel free to test all these manipulations on a demo trading account.