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Major principles of automated Forex trading systems

Major principles of automated Forex trading systems

Many traders dream of having a robot that would trade on their behalf and make guaranteed gains. It would be great to find the best Forex automated system that promises profits and does not need muc input from traders themselves. In fact, there do exist numerous automated Forex trading systems, but this matter also poses a lot of questions that need to be answered. How exactly does an automated Forex trading system function? Can a profitable one be found? Are auto Forex systems secure? This article gives answers to these and other inquiries.

Definition of a Forex automated system

Accessibility of automated Forex trading systems is what makes them highly attractive for traders around the world. Those who wish to start Forex trading would only need a computer connected to Internet. It doesn't even require a large investment to start trading Forex.

It is not uncommon for people who embark on their trading journey to have quite little familiarity with the trading process. This is why more and more traders are opting for automated trading– this way they are not required to trade manually. Automated Forex trading systems are accessible in the form of expert advisors (EA). Expert advisors are designed by highly proficient and experienced experts who put it down in algorithms that analyse market trends and perform the trading. They are selected by their expertise level and professional achievements in order to prevent frenzy or anxiety of client traders.

Demo account

Can a Forex automated trading system bring profits?

As a rule, Forex auto trading systems do not promise 100% profits, but they can certainly guarantee that you gain the most from market movements, whatever they are. Auto Forex trading systems operate very fluently and logically. Expert advisors are based on certain modules that are set to analyse charts and figures that move between a trader and a Forex broker. They are created in a manner that makes them easy to operate, so that no previous training is required to be used. All you need to do is download the program, install it into your computer, and modify the settings. This will launch the automated currency trading system, which will start producing prompt results.

Finding the best automated Forex system

You can get many automated Forex systems for free with additional service guarantees. However tempting this appears, such programs are not flawless. Many of them might be associated with frauds. Still, the best automated Forex trading system can be made secure if you adjust and check the privacy setting programmed into the system properly.

It is difficult to name one EA which is the best, because as a rule, profitable EAs are hard to access. There were robots that used to bring in profits in the past, but they are no longer fitting in current market. More often than not, it is best to apply the same automated system as the one you do manual trading with. If you have it coded in MQL, it will be able to replace your own efforts with the script.

How are EAs used

Automated currency trading systems can be used by any trader, from rookies to experienced ones, for making real trading decisions on their behalf. The software is designed to analyse various signals of spread discrepancies, price instability patterns, currency fluctuations, and news that might influence your transactions. At the same time it performs your trading activities and secures that you don't incur any losses. In a risky environment the program will give you a warning message, asking for your approval before making the transaction. One of the major conveniences of a Forex auto trading system is that it makes decisions without emotions and with consistency.

An automated Forex trading system is a great asset that can help you achieve your success goals without the same level of risk that can be encountered in manual trading.

Robot trading in Forex

Forex trading is believed to be one of the most fruitful methods to make money in the Forex market. Performing trades with automated Forex system is a good thing to do. The automated Forex trading system is able to execute all Forex transactions immediately, so with its help the trader only has to turn on his computer and let the software shepherd the trading.

Forex automated trading systems are good for anyone – newbies, veteran traders, and professionals. Everyone will find them supportive in making trading-related decisions. The software is available in various levels of sophistication and price ranges. Usually, a free demo model is included, so that traders are able to try the program out before implementing it with their live trading account.

As a rule, software that has been designed to analyse currency price charts and market activity makes the best automated Forex trading systems. It is useful in locating the profitable currency pairs and identifying key signals before placing trades on them.

If the program has an option of setting user-defined criteria that meet all calculated parameters, it can also assist in sending a sell or buy alert and automatically conduct the trading. This is a great asset for making transactions more profitable.

Pros of automated trading

Forex auto trading systems, aka robot trading, black box trading, and algorithmic trading, bring many advantages to traders:

  • They eliminate psychological impact and avert emotions when a decision on what to trade should be made. Rather, they have a logical and steady approach based on set parameters.
  • Forex auto trading systems are good for both beginner and experienced investors because they also eliminate the chance of human errors in judgement. The systems signal in real time, which facilitates making trading decisions.
  • With automated software, price discrepancies can become obvious instantly, and this is another benefit for currency speculators. These trading rooms read the information immediately and get the trades executed.
  • They allow easily running several accounts at a time, which is usually a problem for manual traders.
  • They facilitate absentee trading.

This being said, the best Forex trading systems can help you have a more balanced approach to your Forex investing.

Diagnosing frauds

The largest detriment of automated trading systems for the Forex market is the high risk of frauds. If you start searching for perfect software, you'll see a lot of pages that advertise EAs with 100% daily returns. These pages show MetaTrader history and the advisor's profitability. Of course, they might cost a bundle – the prices for the automated trading software vary between 25 USD and up to 1,000 USD. Some of the sellers will promise high profits and even money back. Unfortunately, most of these offers are just scams.

The logic is simple. You probably wouldn't sell a highly rewarding trading system if you could gain from it on a managed account. And an automated system available for 25 USD is even less likely to turn out profitable.

Thus, it's important to be able to diagnose EA scams and avoid falling for them. To do so, simply do not agree for anything you have to spend money on. Software purchase will cost you money, but the advisor on a live account might also cost you your trading balance.

Educational webinars

How to find an effective EA?

Follow this rule: the best EA is the system that does exactly what you would, but automatically. Such software will save your time – you would be able to concentrate on building of your trading strategy, not its execution. This is a great time saver for many Forex investors.

To conduct automated trades with your MT4 trading platform, you have to design your own trading robot by means of MQL programming language. Even if you have no knowledge of programming (despite being a good trader), this is not a problem. There are many trustworthy and professional MQL programmers available who will code your own trading strategy into an EA for an affordable price.

Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into how automated trading works and how to apply it on the Forex market.

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