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Forex Analysis

Are you a technical trader? Find out everything you need to know about Forex analysis here! Select from topics including, Forex Linear Regression, the most frequently used Forex chart patterns, the different types of forecasting softwares available, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and more!

A Guide to the Most Common Forex Patterns

Want to learn some of the most common Forex patterns? In our article, we will explain how you can improve your Forex trading by spotting these patterns!

Most Frequently Used Forex Chart Patterns

Learn about the most commonly used chart patterns in Forex trading. Discover crucial information about the Head & Shoulders pattern, Engulfing patterns, and more!

Using Forex Linear Regression to See the Big Picture

Find out what Linear Regression is, and why it is useful in Forex Trading. Discover how to apply the Linear Regression channel indicator in FX trading, and more!

Selecting Your Forex Forecasting Software

Find out how to choose the best forecasting software for Forex trading. Learn what it is, read about MetaTrader 4 forecasting software, and much more!

How to Read Candlestick Charts

Discover how to read candlestick charts. Learn about what candlestick charts represent in currency trading, and the structure of candlestick charts, and more!

A Special Relationship: the Pound-Dollar History

Discover the story of the Pound-Dollar Forex pair, including how historic events have affected its price action, and how you can use this in your trading.

The Russian Financial Crisis and the Ruble

Explore the Russian financial crisis and the trading opportunities on the Russian economy collapse and the Russian ruble.

Understanding Forex Market Analysis

Find out how to understand Forex market analysis, discover technical tools used in it, learn about price action, supply & demand, charting & more!

Understanding and Reading Forex Quotes

Learn about what Forex quotes are and how to understand them. Find out what the spread is, what a quote value is, learn about currency pairs, and more!

A Brief History of the Euro to Dollar Currency Pair

Read a brief history of the EUR/USD currency pair. Find out what factors have affected the pair,why it is one of the most popular currency pairs, and more!

MTFA: Multiple Time Frame Analysis in Forex Trading

Find out how to perform multiple time frame analysis in Forex trading. Discover how each time frame is applied in FX trading, and much more!

Neighbours, Trade Partners, and Rivals: A History of the Pound-Euro Currency Pair

Follow a recent history of the Pound to Euro currency pair. Discover why these currencies are so popular, look at the EUR/GBP exchange rate in detail

Introduction to Forex Fundamental Analysis

Learn about 'What is Forex Fundamental Analysis?', The positives and negatives of fundamental analysis, Interest rates, Inflation, and many more topics!

Introduction to Forex Technical Analysis

Discover the history of technical analysis of the financial markets. Also, learn how to download the best technical analysis software for free!

How to use charts in forex trading

In this article, we will discuss how to use forex charts, and we'll go through everything you need to know to trade efficiently using trading charts

Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis

Discover some of the many differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis, read about their pros and cons

Here’s What you Need to Know to Get Started with Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a simple, effective and accurate way to analyse the foreign exchange market and make short-term predictions.

Introduction into Forex market analysis

Forex market analysis got too complicated? Let’s refresh one of the most important notions – supply and demand.

How to read Forex quotes

Learn how to read Forex quotes with application using their symbols and nicknames – don’t pass up the first step in understanding currency markets.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.