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Trading Instruments

Find out specific information about a trading instrument that will help you understand it in more detail. Here we’ll explain what the instrument is, how it works, when it can be traded and much more…

Investing in the UK Stock Market After Brexit

Learn how to invest in the UK stock market after Brexit, what the Brexit effect on the UK stock market is and the possible investing opportunities.

What Is the Effect of GDP on Financial Markets?

Interested in learning about what GDP is? And what the effect of GDP on financial markets is? In our article, we will answer these questions and much more!

How to trade futures

Learn how to trade futures, the best futures trading strategies and the pros and cons of traditional futures trading vs trading futures via CFDs.

Your Guide to Options Trading

Learn all about options trading, how it works and strategy examples, as well as the pros and cons of alternative products like CFDs and stock investing.

​Hedge Fund 101 – The Ultimate Guide to Hedge Fund Trading Strategies

Hedge funds offer great opportunities for those who can afford to invest in them, but what strategies do the fund managers use? Find out in this guide.

How to invest during a market panic

Learn how to invest during a stock market panic and discover a six-step strategy guide on how to navigate a financial panic and stock market crash.

Trader salary: How much do day traders, hedge fund traders, and Forex traders really earn?

Trader salary: How much do day traders, hedge fund traders, and Forex traders really earn? That is the question this article aims to answer.

What is Spread Betting?

What is spread betting? Learn about the difference between CFD and spread betting, how spread betting works, and how to spread bet in Forex and indices.

Understanding Different Types Of Brokers: ECN, STP, ECN+STP

This article will explore key differences between the major types of brokers: ECN, STP, and the Hybrid Model, highlighting differences between lot sizes, how they process orders, and more!

CFDs vs Futures Trading

This article compares futures trading vs CFDs, the pros and cons of each, the markets you can trade them in, and how to develop a strategy to benefit from both of them.

What is Short Selling?

Short selling is one way. In this article, learn how short selling works, how to short a stock, the best stocks to short and more!

How to trade the S&P 500

Curious about the S&P 500 stock index? Learn how to trade the S&P 500, including what the SP500 is and how to make trade.

How to trade the FTSE100

Learn all about the FTSE100 index and how to trade the FTSE100 chart with Admiral Markets. Get a free FTSE100 trading strategy you can use straight away!

What is Index Trading?

Discover how to trade indices, including and introduction to stock indexes, how index CFDs work, and the pros and cons of stocks vs indices.

What is the Chinese currency, and how to trade the Yuan

The Chinese Yuan has experienced its highest volatility in history in the last two years - discover how you can make the most of it by trading the Yuan!

What is an Islamic Forex account? How to trade according to Islamic finance

The key is to find an Islamic Forex account, which offers swap-free trading for traders of Muslim faith. Find out more.

Want to Beat the Market? Try Dogs of the Dow 2020

This article will provide traders with a detailed introduction to the popular Dogs Of The Dow investment strategy. Explore predictions for 2020, and more!

Top Financial Markets To Trade In 2020

Discover the top financial markets to trade in 2020 and how to trade them with online financial markets trading strategy.

A Guide To The Best Blue Chip Stocks To Trade

This guide offers the overview that you are looking for, as it discusses the best blue-chip stocks to trade.

The Ultimate Guide to Investing for Beginners

Discover different forms of investment options for professional traders. Learn how to invest in them, how much money to invest, when you should invest!

Oil trading guide: How to trade crude oil CFDs

Price fluctuations make it tempting for many to trade crude oil - this article reviews how traders can trade oil via WTI trading strategies.

How to trade the US dollar index

Discover how to trade the US dollar index chart and learn about a dollar index futures CFD strategy you can use right away!

What Is Online Trading?

Traders are able to trade a wide range of financial instruments with a click on the mouse button - this article explores the benefits of trading online.

How to Start Commodity Trading: A Beginner’s Guide to Commodities

Learn how to trade and invest in commodities, including the different categories of commodities, how commodity CFDs work, and how you can get started!

Ins and Outs of Trading the EUR/USD Currency Pair

Discover the euro dollar pair, including why it's so popular, factors that influence its price and our top trading strategies - all FREE in this guide!

How to get the best brokerage fees

Learn all about the different broker fees, including trading spreads and swaps, as well as how to find the best trading fees available.

How to start online gold trading

Learn how to trade gold, the best gold trading hours for day trading gold and a gold trading strategy on MetaTrader you can start trading today.

How to Prepare For a Recession

Learn how to prepare for a recession with three recession-proof trading strategies. Discover how to prepare for the next recession with Admiral Markets.

The World’s Most Important Stock Exchanges

Learn about the world’s most important stock exchanges from the iconic New York Stock Exchange to Tokyo and others. - Admiral Markets

Options Trading vs CFDs

How does options trading work? Discover the pros and cons of online options trading and alternative products like CFDs.

​How To Create A Balanced Investment Portfolio

Want to learn how to create a balanced investment portfolio? Learn about the steps involved, such as portfolio diversification, effective strategies!

What is the Difference Between Investing and Trading?

Trading and long-term investing are two very different strategies. In this article, we explore the five critical differences between the two.

Why and How to Trade With Government Bonds

Government bonds are considered good for long-term investments with stable interests and minimum risks. Learn more with our introductory guide!

Essential Guide to Different Types of Bonds

Discover all the different types of Bonds you can trade with, how to invest in Bonds, the various features of Bonds, with our essential guide to Bonds!

Lot size in forex, index, commodity and crypto currency trading

The notion of “lot size” in the forex market and CFD trading is a basic element in the development of all trading strategies. The “lot size” is one of the bases of money management since it corresponds to the part of your investment capital on the market.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.