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How to trade Forex for a living

How to trade Forex for a living

You have definitely heard about online trading before. There are many movies about people from Wall Street who earn millions, own expensive cars, and live a luxurious life. Well, actually, this is not trading. Trading, just like anything else, has expanded significantly over the past decades, and the markets are much more reachable now than they used to be. While many markets attract investors, the Foreign exchange market is still the biggest and most liquid market globally. This is why there are so many traders who opt for trading Forex online and why it's so popular nowadays. The process of buying and selling currencies can be indeed interesting and enjoyable, so many people think of trading as a hobby or a part-time activity. They try it and have fun with it, but then return to their job as a major money-making source.

So the big question here, which we believe many of you have thought about, is this: is Forex trading for a living possible? The answer is yes, absolutely. It is certainly not a simple venture, just like any other job that can provide a living. First of all, it will take a lot of your time, and you must also clearly understand how the market works and what risks it bears. Nevertheless, it is absolutely real – there are lots of people who do trade Forex to support their lives. There are plenty of features and tutorials on Foreign exchange trading online and in other sources that can help you perfect your trading skills. So with a time and effort investment you will be able to trade for a living from the comfort of your home!

How to trade Forex for a living

Trading Forex from the comfort of your home is possible due to its spontaneous nature. You can even trade from your bathroom using a phone or an electronic tablet! But don't be fooled by this easiness – despite being available for pretty much everyone, Forex market is very risky for those with poor knowledge of its mechanics. If you don't feel self-assured about your trading skills, start with small amounts of capital that you can afford risking. Just like poker players paying low buy-ins, you may begin with easy trades and look for safe and constant flow of profits, after reaching which you may think of investing more in your trades.

In order to practice how to trade, to get more knowledge about the market, to become a skilled hand at trading, and get more confident about it, we recommend opening and using a demo account.

Before we proceed, let's define what we actually mean when saying 'trading for a living.' In general, this refers us to the concept of trader as a profession. For us, trading for a living also implies that gains from your trading activities can totally pay your bills. It does not necessarily mean that you will be able to immediately buy a posh car, a yacht or other pieces of luxury, but it promises that with trading, you will earn as much money as you would at any other job. Particularly, trading for a living should bring you profits comparable to the market price of your general labour activities. You should be able to decide whether this suits you after learning about all the risks of Forex trading.

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Risks of Forex trading

As long as this is your own money that you put into trades, there always exists the risk to lose it. Foreign exchange is not a get rich quick place, and it has seen many traders go broke while trading. These mistakes of others are worth paying attention to in order to avoid them in your experience. There are many resources and tools available for that purpose, as well as for gaining more knowledge about trading in general. Make sure you are ready to invest your time not only into trading itself, but also in studying how it works – this will help you to become a real Forex master!

However, only trade with your risk capital, which is money that you can afford losing.

How can Forex be traded for a living?

Fortunately, our great free-market system secures that the markets are actively traded all the time. This allows anyone who wants to trade gaining profits from price changes and fluctuations – for instance, buying when prices are low and likely to rise or selling before they go down. However, this also means that all-day everyday trading can bring you either a grand income or a huge loss. Although Foreign exchange does not offer you same guarantees as a 9-5 job with a paycheck, it still opens possibilities for dedicated traders to make a living, given that they understand how to trade and do that knowledgeably.

Research before you start!

So, while FX trading for a living is real, you have to deal with the risks of it as well. In order to learn how to trade, and how to trade to gain profits, one needs to digest a lot of information on market investments. This is especially important if you decide to become a full-time Forex trader. First, research this issue and decide whether this suits your abilities. If you are certain about doing Forex trading daily, we wish you the best of luck! Remember – the bubble will surely pop, the question is whether you are able to predict when this happens.

Tips on Forex trading for a living

Thus, Forex trading is a business that requires not only money, but also time investments. As a rule, it does not start with profits right away; so many beginner traders abandon it on early stages. There is this big myth about experiencing and exploiting connected to trading Forex for a living. As soon as you can identify seize hold of and exploit the possibilities, you may advance in making money at Forex.

Usually, beginner traders hope for high returns with the Foreign Exchange Market trading. But you need to become an expert trader first, which requires a lot of commitment and effort. Prior to taking up Forex trading as a major source of your income for a nice living, go through the following tips:

Set your goals and follow them

To pursue a career of a Forex trader, one needs at least a basic, but ideally an in-depth knowledge of how the Forex market operates. The basics can be studied online – there are numerous tutorials available there. As soon as you join the Forex universe, train yourself to remain calm and watch events impartially. After some time you will be capable to assess your abilities of earning through Forex trading. However, this process might take some time – rushed decisions will rarely bring you to success.

Find your broker

Choosing a Forex broker is probably one of the most important moments in a trading career, so it needs to be done with extra care. Usually, newcomers to the market think of this as insignificant and tend to select an unreliable or even a fake broker. Such broker can sink your entire investment and kill the dream of becoming a successful trader. In order to make a living with Forex trading, match your trading goals to the features of your broker – its offerings, its customer service, its software, etc. Ask older traders of their professional opinion about this before you finalize with the broker. It is highly recommended to use only regulated Forex brokers – FCA regulation might be useful for this purpose.

Types of accounts

Expert traders with positive Forex experience usually suggest starting with a beginners or mini account. Putting a large sum of money into trading from the start can be harmful in many ways. As long as you still lack trading experience, you risk losing all of your investment straight away. This, in turn, will make you lose your interest and morale. A far better way is to start small and work slow and steady to the trading top.

Organic gains are better than greater deposits

We advise that you begin your trading journey with depositing small amounts of money in your account. Organic gains here mean earnings that are made through trading Forex. One of the golden tips of trading for a living is as follows: bigger deposits never guarantee abundant gains. A better option for newcomers is the circular strategy of investment. With time, you will become more of an expert, and your income will definitely increase.

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Trading Forex for a living: summary

Trading Forex for a living is certainly achievable – thousands of people do that every day. Moreover, it's an interesting career that could bring you to a pleasant lifestyle. This is indeed breathtaking to be able to perfect your trading strategy over years and keep gaining profits from your trading. That's the beauty of what people call "FX trading for a living."

However, not everyone can benefit from Forex trading despite its greatness and excitement. Unfortunately, there are more unsuccessful traders than there are successful ones. It is a sad truce, but we have to face it. Failures occur to many people who start trading Forex for a living. Usually it is caused by extremely high expectations and investing without proper knowledge, skills, expertise and risk understanding.

So the most obvious answer to this article's question – "How to trade Forex for a living?" – is: start from learning the subject. Educational section of Admiral Markets website might be helpful for you with that.

What is more, "repeat action makes perfection," so if you decided to get your hands on the market, start with opening a Demo Account. Anyway, trading Forex for a living is a great aspiration, and we sincerely hope you will succeed in it with the help of our resources.

Risk warning: Trading foreign exchange or contracts for differences on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your entire investment. Therefore, you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose. You should ensure you understand all of the risks. Before using Admiral Markets UK Ltd services please acknowledge the risks associated with trading.

The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. Admiral Markets UK Ltd recommends you seek advice from an independent financial advisor.

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