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How to configure the history folder on MetaTrader 4?

April 29, 2019 13:08 Australia/Sydney
Reading time: 3 minutes


How to configure the history folder on MetaTrader 4?

Once your MetaTrader 4 trading platform is open, it is possible to configure the history folder of the forex platform.

The procedure is as follows:

The MT4 Terminal tab

When you click on the "Terminal" tab via to the shortcut button located in the toolbar of your MT4 trading platform, a window opens in which you can find all the elements related to the open or pending positions on your MT4 forex trading account.

Here is the procedure to configure your history folder:

  • 1.Click on the small tab "Account history" at the bottom of your MT4 trading platform
  • 2.Right-click on your mouse anywhere within the window

Here, several options are available regarding the configuration of the history folder:

  • Display "All History"
  • Display the "Last 3 Months"
  • Display the "Last Month"
  • "Custom Period…"
  • "Save as Report"
  • "Save as Detailed Report"

If you select "Custom Period…", you will find a slightly more complete choice for the time period, with the possibility to display the history of a particular day, for example: the current day.

Once you have made your choice regarding the time period of the history you want to be displayed, you just need to follow this procedure:

  • Right-click on your mouse anywhere within the window
  • Select "Save as Report"
  • A window appears
  • Choose where you want the file to be saved on your computer
  • Click on "Save"
  • A web page will then open automatically
  • This page shows the history report of your positions for your MT4 forex trading account

The latter includes:

  • Every position you have taken
  • The result in euros of these positions
  • The balance of your account
  • Withdrawals or deposits made

Configuring the history folder, saving the position report statement, and finally analyzing the positions taken during the month on the MT4 forex trading platform, are the tasks successful traders perform.

The report is the simplest to understand, but it is possible to generate a more detailed report!

Which are the complementary elements of the detailed report?

If you select "Save as Detailed Report", the saving and creating process of the history report remains the same as the one described above, however, the report contains more information such as:

  • A chart of your account balance, with an evolution according to each trade taken
  • The percentage of profit and loss trades
  • The largest profit in euros
  • The largest loss in euros
  • The average profit per position
  • The average loss per position
  • The number of consecutive wins
  • The number of consecutive losses

This set of statistical data is crucial to understand better the behavior of the trading strategy applied in this history. This is why the analysis of the detailed report is recommended by all profitable traders.

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