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How to increase font size and change drawing settings on MT4

April 18, 2019 16:40 Australia/Sydney


MetaTrader 4: Increase font size and change drawing settings

The MetaTrader 4 "Draw text" shortcut

This shortcut is located in the toolbar at the top left of your trading platform, and is represented by an "A" sign. Once you have clicked on it, you will then need to click where you want to position your text on the chart to access the text properties.

The "common" tab of the properties includes:

  • The name of the text
  • The text itself
  • The font
  • The size of the font
  • The color of the text
  • The ability to display the text in the background

A "visualization" tab completes the text properties. This tab allows you to:

  • Select the time frames on which you want the text to be displayed


If you want to display a personal comment only on the H4 time frame of your trading chart, you just need to:

  • Go to the "Visualization" tab
  • Untick the "Show on all the timeframes" box
  • Tick the "H4" box

Thus, the text will only be visible on the H4 time frame of your MT4 trading chart.

Similarly, you can set up a group of time frames on which you want to find your comment. To do this, just tick the time frames you want.

Once you have clicked on "OK", the text is displayed on the forex platform chart.

To get back to the properties, you just have to double click on the text and:

  • Right click on the text
  • Select "Text properties"

Another way to get back to the properties is to:

  • Right-click on the chart
  • Select "Objects List"

You will then see a window appear, where you can find all the objects present on your MT4 forex trading chart, which can be:

  • Texts
  • Horizontal lines
  • Vertical lines
  • Trend lines
  • As well as all other types of drawings

In the "Objects List", it is possible to access the properties of each object or to delete the objects you no longer need in order to clean your chart.

Is it that easy to change the drawing properties?

The answer is yes!

For all objects present on the MT4 forex platform, the composition (tabs) of the properties remains the same. This implies that you can modify the representation of objects as you wish, regarding:

  • The color
  • The size
  • The style (or font)
  • The time frames on which they are displayed

Feel free to test these features of the MetaTrader 4 platform on a free demo account without any commitment.

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