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Educational Webinars

Learn from the pros! Our exclusive series of webinars will teach you all you need to know about trading psychology and candlestick trading in the Forex and CFD markets. Listen to industry supremos – Jack Schwager and Steve Nison – as they impart their wisdom and boost your trading!

Jack Schwager

Steve Nison

A Two-Part Webinar Series

Jack Schwager & Steve Nison

Admiral Markets is excited to announce a brand-new, two-part webinar series, featuring trading legends - Jack Schwager and Steve Nison! These Masters of Trading hope to boost your knowledge of trading Forex and CFDs, trading psychology, candlestick trading strategies and many other topics! These giving you some top tips and know-how from their own personal trading experience. The hope is that these webinars will further boost your performance and make you a better all-round trader!

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Jack Schwager

Renowned author, fund manager and investment expert, Jack Schwager is most well known for his bestselling book - Market Wizards. Jack’s webinar will give you some crucial insights into trading psychology and theory - helping you to become a better all-round trader.

Market Wizard Lessons

By the end of Jack's webinar, you will:

  • Have a first-hand account of the experience he gained from the Market Wizards book series, learning some key takeaways and trading tips
  • Have found out how important failure can be while trading Forex and CFDs
  • Understand the link between emotions and trading
  • Have some new perspectives on risk management

Steve Nison

Known as the ‘Father of Japanese Candlestick Charts', Steve Nison is the world’s foremost authority on candlesticks. This industry legend will teach you some top trading techniques and strategies to use with one of the most popular trading chart types of all time.

Candlestick Strategies That Are Working Right Now

By the end of Steve's webinar, you will:

  • Know how to find earlier turning signals before you complete your trades
  • Have found out Steve’s all-time favourite western trading indicator!
  • Know which three questions to ask before executing any trade

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