Automated Trading

Automating your trading strategy might be one of the best ideas. This way, you will be able to obtain similar trading results without actually devoting much of your time to trading. Find out how you can automate your strategy, read about the systems that work and learn how to identify the ones that don't.

Automated Trading Articles & Tutorials:

If you decided to start trading currencies pairs and looked for ways to increase your winning chances, you most likely came across Forex automated trading proposals. They are tools that trade on the Forex market for you, allowing you to focus on market news and your strategies. While automated systems are robotised, you still need to set up the system yourself. Basically, automated trading lets the trader include a set of rules and program the trading sessions. Once the programming is done, the system starts trading, based on your data. Automated trading is linked to a broker and it uses the same language the broker uses – MetaTrader 4 is the best known trading tool. Some programs have a built-in trading system called wizard. It allows to select default indicators and rules. Most traders use their own indicators, based on the information they have. They don’t just rely on the robot to do the all the work.