Forex Strategy

This section contains handy articles that uncover the most common and interesting Forex trading strategies. By reading these articles, you will be able to understand how the strategies are designed, which ones to try out and how to develop your own strategy.

Forex Strategy Articles & Tutorials:

If you want to be a successful trader and get the most results out of your trading, the main aspect you should consider is knowledge. The better informed you are, the more productive decisions you will be able to take. When choosing among your FX trading strategies, you should consider the type of trading. In this market, there are two types of analyses that become the basis for a trading strategy - technical and fundamental. The technical analysis uses statistics in preparing various charts type that helps traders decide to sell or to buy, depending on the evolution of the currencies at a certain point in time. On the other hand, fundamental analysis uses economic and financial data to determine evolution of the currency. It is mostly useful in longer-term trading strategies. Some traders prefer to prepare their own strategies, based on their trading experience. Others use ready-made trading strategies that are available either for free or at a cost. Another thing that you should know when you learn Forex trading strategies is that there are two kinds of trading solutions: either automated or manual. The latter one means that a trader would sit in front of a monitor and would follow the signals and decide to act upon them. The former, however, lets the computer decide when to buy or sell, based on indicators of your choice.