The Impact of the UK General Election on Forex and CFD Markets

Current Market Reaction to the UK General Election This widget analyses market sentiment over the last hour and compares it to the data collected on the previous business day. Using machine learning algorithmic technologies this widget scans and correctly analyses over 26 million news stories each day, providing an overview of market sentiment. This gives clients an accurate understanding of the underlying mood towards financial markets and products within the news and across social media, turning this data into an attractive visualisation. Source: Acuity Trading

The UK General Election, 2017

A ‘snap’ UK General Election is due to be held on Thursday, 8 June. Prime Minister May’s surprise decision to call an election three years early is thought to be an attempt to strengthen her control within UK Parliament and push her agenda ahead of the upcoming Brexit negotiations with the EU. But will everything go to plan? Just how will the UK General Election 2017 affect the Forex and financial markets? Regardless of the result, market fluctuations and volatility are expected. This dedicated page will tell you everything you need to know to trade before, during and beyond this landmark political event.

Candidate Media Popularity

Check out who the media are talking about most today This widget scans the internet and wider media for mentions of candidates names on a daily basis and, based on those mentions, extracts their popularity and visualises it in this chart. Source: Acuity Trading

Possible Market Movers

Below you can find live statistics on the Forex and CFD instruments that may be most affected. This widget uses similar machine learning algorithmic technologies to scan and correctly analyse news stories, offering an alternative to more traditional price data tools. The aim is to provide traders with an additional method of researching market movements. This widget comprises market sentiment based on a mix of news, analytics and price movements. It provides clients with a chart that clearly shows the difference between market sentiment and market trading prices. Source: Acuity Trading

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Read our expert analysis throughout the UK General Election, 2017. Use this information to make more informed trading decisions before, during and beyond the vote.

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Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to trade during the UK General Election.

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