Guide to working with Manager or Investor accounts.

Signal Provider (aka MAC – Multi Account Copier)

The trader’s accounts (TA) and the subscriber’s accounts (SA) are independent and are funded with personal capital. Anyone can be a subscriber. Trader’s orders are copied to the SA. The subscriber automatically adjusts his risks, may open and close the orders (fully or partially), and change the stop loss / take profit.

The subscriber can:

  • unsubscribe at any time.
  • receive signals from several traders (enables him to create the portfolios).
  • manage his account, the same as in MetaTrader (MT) - receive the signals of opening the orders from the traders.

Fund Manager (aka PAM - Percent Allocation Module)

The subscriber is an investor. The funds, credited to the SA, are automatically duplicated on the TA. A trader manages the total sum of the investments, and his accounts are opened in the real order of liquidity provider. The accounts of the investors don’t send the actual orders.

The trader may be the first investor by himself, at the expense of his own funds. The subscriber may not interfere in the trade on his account. All balance operation are made only through the system.

The subscriber:

  • cannot manage his account like in MT
  • cannot receive the signals from other traders
  • can only watch, and stop the trade
  • can close the account at any time.

Signal Provider

Fund Manager

The subscribers’ funds are on their accounts.

The subscribers have trading access.

The subscriber may close / modify the orders which are opened by the Signal Provider and does not affect the trader's trade.

The SA can receive the signals from multiple accounts at the same time.

The trader trades on his account, and does not affect subscribers’ trades.

The TA and SA can be in different currencies, with different leverage.

The trading operations on the SA are fulfilled independently. There may be a small difference in the exercise price.

Any balance operations are allowed at the TA and SA

The subscribers’ funds are set off the general trader’s account, and duplicated on SA.

The subscribers have investor's access.

The subscriber cannot modify the orders on his account.

The SA receives only the orders of one TA.

The trader trades on the total trading account (TTA) on the subscribers’ accounts are recognised only his orders.

TTA and the SA are created in the same currency with the same leverage.

The trading operations are occurred only on a TTA. On the SA, the orders are displayed for monitoring and calculations purposes. The exercise prices at SA and TA are identical.

The uncontrolled balance operations by the service are not allowed on the TA and SA.

Step 1. How to get the software for downloading.

  • Go to Admiral Markets website.
  • Register in Trader´s Room and validate your email.
  • Press the button “Open account” and choose type Admiral.Markets.

Open an account form

  • Open the section - Software and choose the FinexmartTrader.

Open an account form

Step 2. Installation and authorization

  • Run the downloaded web installer and install.
  • Open the terminal and use your MT account credentials to log in. Also save your password in the system.

Step 3. Main screen

Upon authorization the main screen is opened with a list of all your accounts. The account you logged into will be referred to the Payment account.

  • To view the detailed accounts, double-click the account.
  • All Manager accounts (MA) or Investor accounts (IA) you open are tied to this account. The binding to the Payment account cannot be changed.

Manager accounts. Step 4.1

Creating and editing of account.

  • To create a new MA, click 'Create Master Account' on the main screen and fill in the account properties.

Account type 
- Select one of the available variants:
Signal Provider or Fund Manager. Password  
- Trading account password.
Investor password 
- Password 'read-only'.
- Account leverage.
- Account Currency
- Account Name in MetaTrader.
- E-mail address (after creating this field, it cannot be changed.)
- The description of the strategy on this account. Visible to subscribers.
Hide from rating 
- Prevent showing the account in Rating.
Hide trade history 
- Prevent subscribers from viewing trading history.
D/W hour 
- in Fund Manager account specify the allowed input/output hours of the investors facilities.
Account type 
- Select one of the available variants:

Set two new parameters:

  • Day risk limit - The limit of daily losses (in % of equity at the beginning of the day). 0 means disabled option.
  • Default fees - The table of the level of payments for new default subscribers. To edit this click to “Manage fee list”. A new payout table will be applied new subscribers and will not affect old subscribers.

Manager accounts. Step 4.2 Leveled fees

The Commission allow you to configure a flexible system to attract investors. The Commission has the ability to create levels for the investor's account Balance, beginning with the line whose parameters are applied.

This can provide a variety of sizes for different subscribers pay balances.

  Description Time of withdrawal Formula
Trade Fee The fee for the traded Lot At the closing order Lot * Trade Fee
Performance Fee % from the obtained profit At the end of each period (month, quarter, etc.) or at D / W funds on a FM account (RealizedPL (at the period end) - RealizedPL (at the period begin) - Float Loss)*Perf.Fee/100 If negative, it is not charged.
Management Fee % from the amount of the current balance At the end of each period (month, quarter, etc.) or at D / W funds on a FM account Balance * Mngm. Fee/100 * Days/365 Days - the number of days elapsed since the last management fee.

The example shows a list of five created tables of the level payments. This list is available for each Manager account SP / FM model.

  • To create a new table of leveled payments, click the button 'Add new row'. In the lower table, set the parameters and click 'Set levels'.

Important! You can not change or delete leveled payments after their creation, so be careful when entering the meanings.

New subscribe. Properties

Manager accounts. Step 4.3 Subscriptions

  • To subscribe your Investor account to this Manager account, click 'Add account'.
  • To view subscription details, double-click in line in the list of accounts.

Manager account. Trading

  • Select 'Investor login' from the list and click to 'Create'. Pay attention that the list shows only active Investor accounts.

Manager account. Trading

Upon successful creation it will appear in the main list and you can customize its setting allocations together with other accounts

Manager accounts. Step 4.4 Orders

  • See your orders without opening Meta Trader 4. In Orders see a list of orders of your Manager account, and a list of orders of Investor accounts which are opened on your signals.
Manager account. Trading. See your orders without opening Meta Trader 4.

  • Use the navigation buttons up to view the orders in history.
  • To leave the open orders, set the flag Only open

Manager accounts. Step 4.5 Deposit/Withdrawal

For manager of the model Fund Manager is available the list of Deposit/Withdrawals from the Investor accounts. Manual activation of order is useful when the hour Deposit/Withdraw has not yet come, but now the trader has a more convenient time to take the investments.

  • Click 'Deposit/Withdraw now' to activate all orders.

Manager account. Trading. Deposit/Withdrawal requests

Manager accounts. Step 4.6 Statistics

In Statistics there are graphics of a collected statistics from the Manager account - Balance graphics, Profit, Account growth and a distribution of the orders on symbols.

Manager account. Statistics

Investment accounts. Step 5.1: Signal Receiver or Fund Investor

  • To create a new Investor account, click on 'New Invesmtent Account' and fill in the account properties.

New Investment account. Properties.

Account type 
- Select one of the available variants - Signal Provider or the Fund Manager.
- Trading account password
Investor password 
- Password 'read-only'
- Account Leverage
- Account Currency
- Account Name in MetaTrader
- Mail (After creating this field it cannot be changed).

Investment accounts. Step 5.2 Subscriptions

For the Signal Provider model there are available multiple subscriptions in Manager accounts.

  • For the Signal Provider model: Double click on your subscriber account.
  • To subscribe an Investor account to the Manager account, click on 'Subscribe to Master account'.
  • To view the subscription details, double-click on the account.

Rating of Manager accounts

Active Manager accounts are available to everyone for viewing (except if the owner of Manager account explicitly forbade to show himself in the ranking).

The potential investors can get acquainted with the trades and statistics. And then subscribe to the selected account by pressing the button 'Invest'.

Rating accounts

If you are already subscribed to this account, you can go to your Investor account and see the trades made by clicking 'My Investment Account'.

Account subscriptions.

  • Double click on your Master account
  • Click 'Add account' on the screen of Investor account to subscribe the accounts.
  • Select 'Investor login' from the list and click 'Create'. Pay attention that it only shows active Investor accounts in the list. Set up your risk options like: Ratio, Max. Drawdown.

New subscribe. Properties.

Maximal Drawdown - Limiting losses (in% of the max. achieved balance). 0 means a disabled option.

Investment accounts. Step 5.3 Orders

In Orders you can see a list of orders of your account without opening MetaTrader 4

Account orders

Investment accounts. Step 5.4 Deposit/Withdrawal

In the Fund Manager model, the filling and withdrawal of the Investor account funds is carried out from a payment account.

Since the manager controls the time of the balance operations, the investor only exposes the applications for Deposit /Withdraw of funds. The balance postings are carried out within the system. See a list of executed Deposit/ Withdraw applications, create a new application or cancel a pending one.

Investment account. Deposit / Withdrawals

  • To make a deposit or a withdrawal; or to close the account, open Deposit / Withdraw in the left menu or click 'New Deposit / Withdrawals'

Investment account. Deposit / Withdraw and Archive.

  • Enter the amount you need and press the operation button.

Investment accounts. Step 5.5 Statistics

In Statistics there are graphics of a collected statistics of the account - Balance graphics, Profit, Account growth and a distribution of the orders on symbols

Investment account. Statistics

1 Some functionality may be only partially available at the discretion of the broker.

2 You can also read reference information in FinexmartTrader application.