Admiral Club Program

Get your Admiral Club membership today.

Collect Admiral Club points for every trade you make and turn them into cash available for immediate withdrawal.

Admiral Markets rewards your trading. The more frequent your trading is, the larger is the amount of Admiral Club rewards you get.

Membership in Admiral Club is granted to every owner of an Admiral Markets live account. Once you’ve collected Admiral Club points, you can convert them into trading account balance. You’re free to do whatever you want with your new funds, no strings attached. Trade or cash out - the choice is yours.

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Once you become a member of Admiral Club, you will receive 100 Admiral Club points for every full turn lot trade on the currency market (equals to 100,000 currency units). The points are assigned once a trade is closed. Below you can see the mechanics behind the Admiral Club points assignation process.

The volume of closed trades Amount of points
0.01 lot 1 point
0.1 lot 10 points
1.0 lot 100 points

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Terms and conditions

  1. Becoming a member of Admiral Club costs absolutely nothing.
  2. Your Admiral Club membership becomes active once you sign up for an account at Admiral Markets Trader's Room.
  3. Not every trade qualifies for Admiral Club points. We only consider the trades where the opening price is different from the closed price for the instrument spread's value times two.
  4. If your trade has not remained open for 15 minutes or more, it will not be counted towards this promotion.
  5. Once a year, we set your Admiral Club points balance back to zero. This happens on the day of your Trader's Room registration, so be sure to spend the points before this date.
  6. Admiral Club points can be converted into the trading balance on your live account. Preview the exchange rates in Admiral Markets Trader's Room.
  7. Your Admiral Club balance considers all of the traders made on all of your live trading accounts, provided that these accounts are opened from the same profile in the Trader's Room.
  8. You cannot transfer Admiral Club points to other Admiral Club members or your other Trader's Room profiles.
  9. Only MetaTrader 4 accounts are eligible for this promotion.
  10. Admiral Club's exchange rates are up to Admiral Markets and can change anytime without prior notifications.
  11. Admiral Markets has the right to pause or stop the Admiral Club promotion anytime without prior notifications.
  12. Trading FX and CFDs is a high risk. As a trader, you should be fully aware of the risks that the FX market entails and should completely understand a type of the risk that arises from marginal trading. You should only take part in the FX and CFD trading if you understand and accept these risks. Joining Admiral Club should not be a reason to start trading currencies and CFDs. The benefits of the Admiral Club promotion can be significantly lower than the losses derived from trading. Your loss can exceed your deposit.
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