MT4 for Mac

Now, you don't need to struggle trying to find a decent MT4 web application for Mac. Our native MT4 for Mac solution does not require you to install other programs or install Windows on your Mac.

MT4 for Mac characteristics


Admiral Markets aims to give the same trading experience, no matter what the operating system. Our MT4 for Mac solution offers features that are very similar to MT4 for Windows:

  • live quotations

  • one-click trading

  • multiple timeframes

  • numerous charts

  • indicators you can customise.

Please note that Expert Advisors are not easily replicated. We do not recommend using them on the MT4 for Mac app.

Installing MT4 for Mac

Installing MetaTrader 4 on your Mac is similar to installing other software not listed in the Apple App Store.

Get started by downloading the app. Please note that it's an emulated app, so it's quite heavy (depending on the version, it can be around 200 MB).

After downloading MT4 for Mac from Admiral Markets, drag and drop it to your Applications directory.

Congratulations. You have now installed MT4 for Mac.

As this app is not from the Apple App Store, you need to enable unsigned applications on your Mac. Don't worry, it's easy: click the Apple icon on the upper-left of your Mac go to System Preferences, then to Security and Privacy edit the General tab go to the padlock on the left of the window and enter your password choose Anywhere below the text Allow applications downloaded from.

EA on MetaTrader at Mac

As noted earlier, EAs don't run smoothly on Mac. But considering their popularity, we provide more info on installing EAs to your Mac.

Please note that Admiral Markets supplies its MT4 Supreme Edition via the use of Expert Advisors, so this plugin is not available for the native Mac OS version of MT4.

Installing Expert Advisors

Package content for installing MT4 EAs on Mac OS X

To install more tools like indicators, scripts and EAs, open the application folder and right-click on Admiral Markets MT4. ChooseShow Package Contentsfrom the menu. Finally, double-click on drive_c to get MT4 on your MAC.

Experts folder for installing MT4 EAs on Mac OS X

With the MT4 file structure visible, you can now place your EAs, indicators and scripts.

Please note that if you have trouble seeing some EAs, you can download fonts from the link below.

Download fonts

Double-click on the file you downloaded and clickInstall font.

Please be aware that installing MT4 on Mac via Wine and WineBottler will not guarantee stable EA performance. If you plan to trade on Mac in auto-mode, you should invest in a parallel desktop application.

How to get MetaTrader on your Mac

Forget about installing MT4 with Wine, Winebottler or other expensive solutions. Instead, download MT4 for Mac from Admiral Markets - cost-free.

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